on choosing

despite yesterday’s headache, still no coffee as of today. i still want it and miss it oh so dearly, but i’m still choosing to stay away from it. much like i’m staying away from a lot of foods that aren’t plant-based these days. and without much problem, too.

last night, we ended up going out to eat with a friend and her two boys. it was completely unplanned. we rarely do anything like eat out at a restaurant during the work/school week. i was fortunate that i had gotten home an hour before picking up my girl from school so i had time to juice, and in fact, i timed the whole process; and from getting the produce out of the fridge to cleaning it to prepping it to juicing it to jarring the juice to cleaning the juicer and area, it took 40 minutes. i guess that’s not too bad, but it’s not as quick as grabbing something from McDonald’s.

anyway, at dinner i could’ve very easily chowed down on a huge chunk of freshly baked bread and butter but i didn’t. and it wasn’t a big deal. i could’ve very easily ordered a beautiful thick burger and fries but i didn’t. and, again, it wasn’t a big deal.

this isn’t the first time i’ve chosen to eat healthy and primarily plant-based when eating out (ended up with french onion soup and spinach and avocado salad), but it’s also not the norm for me. so until it becomes the norm, i’ll be so proud that i chose the foods that make me the healthiest.

also, as it nears shark week, this is generally when i choose the shit food… yet last night, despite having cramps, despite being super hungry, despite not being prepared and drinking juice beforehand, i went with the healthy option. and i didn’t even want a burger, really. the idea of putting meat in my mouth these days is just not appealing. and dairy is becoming less and less appealing.

i’m kind of digging this, truth be told. i’m enjoying juicing, i’m enjoying staying more plant-based. it feels good to do this. *I* feel good doing this. and i’m not counting calories or carbs or focusing on protein or portions. all i’m doing is choosing and sticking with naturally grown produce. it’s really not that difficult. and it’s rather damn tasty!





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