no headache today. but guess what? i got my period late yesterday. totally fucking explains so much– the headaches the past couple of days, the fantasizing about shit food, the exhaustion by nighttime.

today i feel great though despite the horror show going on in the toilet.

last night instead of more juice i made blondie brownies out of chickpeas. CHICKPEAS. does that not sound nasty? they were AMAZING. i had several of those alongside a smoothie from the green juice and banana. plus i had a kale topped pizza made with a flatout wrap. not completely plant-based, but not mcdonald’s either.

today for lunch i went to the Protein Bar and got a lentil soup and green juice. delicious. both vegan. WHO AM I?

tonight i’ll drink some green juice before meeting family out for dinner where i will allow myself to make a poor choice for dinner.

this weekend will be spent juicing and drinking said juice. hizzah.


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