chia seeds

this has become my latest obsession. i’m not just now hearing about them, but ever since leaning more toward a plant-based life, chia seeds are popping up everywhere. and from what i can tell, there’s only great freaking things to say about it. so why not give it a whirl?

when i was in north carolina a year ago visiting family, i had a spoonful of a chia pudding that my cousin bought from whole foods. a pudding that her daughter and herself loved to eat whenever they could. i couldn’t get past the gel like texture. i mean, i didn’t really taste anything with that texture but the texture was just… ew. it was like biting a pimple or something!  so i think this is why i haven’t really looked more into chia seeds before now, but i do think the time has come to try to start experimenting a little.

what do i have to lose (besides a ton of freaking weight)?


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