werefore art thou, shit food?

this weekend was pretty bad. i mean, the weekend wasn’t bad but my eating was pretty bad. it started Friday when i met a friend and her kids at a phenomenal deep dish pizza joint. we had pizza. deep dish pizza. with lots of real cheese. IT. WAS. FUCKING. AMAZING. and i have no regrets.

but then she made me take the leftovers home– an entire half of the pizza. so guess what i ate Saturday for lunch? mmm hmm.

again, no regrets but it didn’t end there- oh no it didn’t because Saturday night i met the same friend (sans the kids) for dinner, drinks, and a movie. and i indulged in some rather unhealthy pub food (damn tasty tho) and about, oh, four or so martinis. (i was pretty plastered, ha!)

then, during the movie, i devoured the treats she got us– candy and salt & caramel popcorn (the latter being the best popcorn i’d ever eaten).

yesterday was a wee better and more juicing was done so today i’m right back at it… but i’m yearning for the shit food. can’t lie, won’t lie. pizza, chips, cookies, ice cream- wherefore art thou? it’s not at all helping that my boobs hurt like a bitch and i’m crampy so, therefore, PMS has decided to smack me down again this month.

i’ll push through. i will. i will, I WILL.

oh and still digging the chia seeds- particularly in my morning oats and smoothies. YUM. i also picked up some nutritional yeast in the hopes to move away from real cheese that i love so much. i’m done with cow’s milk, but cheese on pizza? i miss it so so so.

still no coffee. so weird not waking in the mornings on the weekend and not immediately making and drinking coffee.


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