found the burger, found the shake

yesterday i indulged big time with a incredibly delicious burger, fries and NUTELLA milkshake. oh my word was it good. i have a feeling this will be my new go-to place for when i just feel like i have to have something more than plant-based.

the thing is, i physically felt like crap afterward. like i was drunk and hungover at the same time. when we got home, i took a two fucking hour nap, too!! i felt like i absolutely had no other choice. i had hoped it would be a 10 minute catnap but two hours later and i finally dragged myself out of bed.

this is what sugar, especially, does to me. and while that nutella shake was absolute perfection, i’m not sure i’ll have one again. at least not this week. 😉

my PMS is something fierce and i really *had* to have a burger. the shake was an added bonus, but it was the burger i needed. and the burger i’m sure i will have again.

while i feel my best drinking juices and smoothies and eating plant-based, the fact is that there will be times when i venture away from that. my goal is to make sure that i don’t go back to that full time and that i find my way back to juices, smoothies, plant-based foods the next meal or day.

these are all my own choices i’m making. i chose a burger and shake yesterday. today i choose plant-based and no sugar.


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