a new month

Here we are in May already.

I can write gobs and gobs on how fast the time flies, but then more time will pass and what good would come of that?

I’m really getting back into the swing of clean eating. Last Friday, after finally getting paid and having some money, the kid and I went to Costco and loaded up on oranges, bananas, spinach, coconut water, chia seeds, romaine lettuce heads, cucumbers, mini sweet peppers, carrots, mangoes, blackberries, dates… so much goodness. On Saturday we stopped off at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I picked up some Debbie Meyer green boxes as well as some popsicle molds.

I spent lots of time Saturday and Sunday juicing, prepping produce, meal prepping for the week, etc. It felt good. In control.

All week so far I’ve eaten completely plant-based. And I gotta admit: I FEEL AMAZING.

I’m a week or so away from my period so the fact that I’m feeling so good, so in control… WOW. Kinda mind-blowing.

And here’s a kicker: I haven’t been working out. Normally the combo of eating good and working out makes me feel like a million bucks so the fact that I’m feeling so good during PMS without the exercise is a dream.

I’m back to at least two 16 ounces of juice a day (so 32 ounces/day). I’m making smoothies nearly every day too. It’s just too easy not to– especially when I’m really hungry after work. I just throw together a smoothie with some dates and bam!, I’m good for several hours.

I made a salad dressing/dip using our high speed blender and celery and hemp seeds as the base! WHO AM I? Well, I’m NOT one of the many you-tubers that I’ve been watching lately. There’s so many inspiring channels out there and for that I’m SO grateful. I’d be lost without them. TannyRaw, FullyRawKristina, Reach4Raw, Rawvanna, etc.

While I do eat cooked quinoa and some cooked veggies (like the Love Beets I picked up at Costco), what these ladies do and eat completely makes sense to me. And they inspire me every day to just keep going. I even ordered some Cacao Nibs to replace the dark chocolate I occasionally have!

And it’s not that I’m doing any of this to save the animals. I’m not doing this to be better than anyone. I’m not doing this for anything other than I FEEL AMAZING. Plus. It’s really and truly not that hard! And the more raw you eat, the easier your prep is so it can be even easier.

I just gotta keep on going and keep on moving forward.



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