clean eating and PMS

Soooo I’m not sure what world I was living on last week when I wrote about how manageable and okay my PMS was… Dumbass that I am. If you build it, it will come– right? Yeah, well it came. The PMS came and knocked me so hard on my ass that I had to leave work early on Friday.

It started Thursday late in the day. The cramps. The headache. The wanting to bleed and get it over with. I slept like ass Thursday night and woke with a headache Friday. A headache that just kept on giving until I finally gave up around noon.

Turns out, I had a fever too (on Friday). Horrid cramps, horrid headache, and a fever. I went home and slept but felt like ass all weekend. The fever was gone as was the headache but I was insanely tired and just waiting to bleed.

As a result, I ate like shit. Pizza Friday night. Chips, pizza, cake Saturday (went to two birthday parties). Wine and more pizza yesterday.

My husband refused to buy me ice cream despite my begging for it. He knows- we all know- how sick I get after eating it (bloating, gas, upset stomach) and flat out refused to help my need. So both Saturday and Sunday, I came home and made myself my own chocolate peanut butter ice cream out of frozen bananas, cacao nibs, and peanut powder. DAMN DELICIOUS and no freaking ill effect!

Today I’m finally bleeding (TMI? oh well) so I’m feeling more normal, less MONSTER. Thank god. And that means I’m back to eating clean, eating mostly raw, eating plant-based. In fact, for lunch today, I’ve eaten mango slices, bananas, and romaine lettuce! And I’m satisfied and looking forward to some sort of salad and dressing for dinner tonight.



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