shit happens

This was a really good week with food. Really freaking good: Breakfasts have been mason jars of chia seeds, oats, and blueberries; lunches have been a small head of romaine and 5 or 6 bananas; dinners have been smoothies or sweet potatoes or guacamole.

Yesterday, however, dinner was a McChicken sandwich and large fries from McDonald’s. Fucking McDonald’s.

It’s just so easy to pick something up after a long day in the office and then hours at the playground. I know it’s just an excuse and I know I can and will do better. Especially after the shit storm that literally hit me last night when I had to wake three separate times to use the bathroom! Apparently I was just full of so much shit. Ha.

Yeah, I know that’s gross but whatever. Everyone shits.

Today I’m right back at the plant-based, whole foods eating.

Now if only I could start doing yoga or walking again…


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