This week.

This week is not good for me. I just want to eat EVERYTHING and so far I’ve indulged quite a bit:

  • potato chips
  • fries
  • burgers
  • cookie butter

I’m pretty sure I can “blame” PMS but I checked the calendar and I’m not due to bleed for another two whole fucking weeks. If I continue to eat the way I have been the past several days for two more weeks… fuck me, will I be sick!

I haven’t been juicing either and that’s not good. Especially when it’s been 90 degrees out and the last thing I want to do when I get home is cook something. So, because I don’t have a juice ready to drink or smoothie-fy, I choose complete shit food.

It doesn’t help that I’m down to counting change until payday so I can’t afford to go buy fruits and veg to juice/smoothie-fy… and let’s face it, yeah? Shit food like the above bullets is way more affordable than lovely plant-based foods.

This is only one small step back. I will not fall down completely. I will stand back up and move forward once again starting now. Right now.


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