starting over- again

Yeah I don’t know what planet I was on with my last post–feeling good about getting back on track. I’m thirty pounds away from my highest weight ever (meaning I’ve gained another 20 pounds since last year). What the fuck have I done to myself?

Oh, Oh, Mr. Kotter!! Mr. Kotter!!!

I ate and ate and ate and sat around for a couple of months basically. For several months, actually.

But by god, I’m back. I’m fucking BACK to healthy eating. Truly. I even threw away shit food that I had consumed Monday. Yes, just two days ago I was consuming shit food… donuts, doritos, peach cobbler, whateverthefuck. Then I got my period Tuesday and voila, I’m in a mindset where golly gee willikers I NEED good food again. Clean food. Plant-based food.

So here I am at day 2 with eating pretty fucking on point!

Yesterday I had two bananas; a smoothie with kale, banana, strawberries, chia seeds; lots of watermelon; arancini (no very plant based but I stopped eating despite being hungry).

Today so far I’ve had, egg n cheese wrap from Dunkin; banana; smoothie like yesterday; watermelon; quarter arancini; banana nice cream if I need more; zoodles for dinner.

I have killer cramps and bleeding but feel great otherwise. So glad to be feeling more alert and alive again. Sure it’s only been two days, but it’s better than nothing and you gotta start (again and again and sometimes again) somewhere.


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