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As I stated in my last post, I’ve been looking into WLS for a while now (years), but it’s been in the last year when I’ve really looked into it. So much so that I’m scheduled for a 3-hour seminar in a couple weeks and I called my insurance to see if I’d be covered (unsure yet, but pretty certain I am–more on that, possibly, later).

My husband isn’t the most supportive of this. He’s worried about any surgery. When I was told I needed to get a c-section to bring our daughter into the world, he urged me into trying to give birth naturally– something I wanted to do anyway. Sadly, that didn’t work out and I did end up with a c-section. Point is that he’s not being supportive because of the actual surgery, not because he’s not supportive of me wanting to be the healthiest I can be. He’s my BIGGEST supporter of being healthy.

Anyway, I’m just posting links to some awesome videos re: WLS/VSG:

^This chick is AMAZING and I have a feeling I’ll be watching her videos over and over again and again.


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