bariatric surgery

A dear friend of mine sent me a link to an amazing article on bariatric surgery:

I was near tears through a lot of it because it resonated so much to me… and her support in sharing the article and telling me that I really do need to get the surgery means so much.

At the same time, I told my mother I’m sincerely contemplating surgery. I only told her because I would probably need her help at home with my daughter immediately following the surgery. She wasn’t very happy with my news. She doesn’t understand why I can’t just keep the weight off when I lose it via the old fashioned way of diet and exercise. To her, I’ve lost weight before, so why can’t I just keep it off. Great fucking question, but the truth is that unless you have issues with food, it’s hard to comprehend.

I guess.

Thing is, she had issues with alcohol. Real issues. She was a drunk for most of my teen years. Yet she was eventually able to stop. Because she didn’t NEED alcohol to survive… Not in the same way we all need food.

I have my annual exam with my OB today and will probably mention that I’m thinking of going this route…. maybe he’s got some info to share on how, if at all, it could effect me in the future though I’m not planning on anymore pregnancies.

My goodness does the idea of actually being truly healthy and strong for the rest of my life excite me!




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