Atkins, Weight Watchers, Pills…

I saw my sexy OB yesterday. Yes, he’s a sexy silver fox- rawr.

He asked if I had any questions or concerns and while I know he was talking about questions or concerns regarding my periods, hormones, menopause (can’t fucking wait), the like, I asked him for his thoughts on WLS.

He asked me some questions (why I’m interested, what I’ve done to lose weight in past [lost 70lbs on Atkins one year- gained it all back plus the next, lost 60lbs counting calories one year- gained half of it all back the next], etc) and after talking for about 15 minutes or so (he’s really such a great doctor!), he suggested a pill (QYSMIA) to bring up with my GP. He also said that if it were him and there was a surgery to change his life in a way that he wanted and for the better, he would do it.

I wasn’t really asking his permission, I just wanted his opinion as he “works” on women every single day. He commented that he’s got a lot of patients who’ve undergone WLS and has seen both sides of the spectrum–some use the surgery and dramatically change their lives for good, others use the surgery but then eat their way back to morbid obesity.

Basically he’s told me everything I’ve already heard and researched with the exception of this QYSMIA pill, which I’ve looked into a bit (since yesterday) and… no. I’m not interested in a fucking pill to help me lose weight but that could also cause many problems. And then what? When I stop taking the pill, I go back to gaining weight again? No. I’m fucking DONE yo-yoing.

D-O-N-E, done.

This is where I am today, right now, in one (long) paragraph:

I’ve been contemplating WLS for years but it’s been within the past year that I’ve been really looking into it, and, as a result, am scheduled for a 3-hour seminar next week. I’ve contacted my insurance and they claim they just need a predetermination of benefits letter from the doctor before they can approve. My GP is against WLS so I’ve got no referral or anything and am praying I can do this without his approval… because I’m tired of being tired. I’ve been overweight since my teen years and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago, which was my rock bottom. I started counting calories and exercised every day, sometimes two times a day resulting in a 60 lb weight loss. My blood sugar numbers are completely under control. But, I’ve since regained 30 freaking lbs and my BMI is back up to 42 and I’ve pretty much quit exercising. 😦 I can’t stand this yo-yo crap. I’m too old, too tired to deal with this, and I have a 6.5 year old that I need to be able to keep up with forever; she’s my world. I don’t want to freaking keel over because I’m carrying around all this damn weight that doesn’t seem to want to budge. In a nutshell: I’m super tired of not feeling like I can succeed long term.never really dreamed I’d be in a place that I would need surgery to keep weight off, but at 44, I’m beyond ready for my life to change once and for all. I want to LIVE life, not just watch it go by.


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