Seminar Summary

So I attended a three hour long weight loss surgery seminar last night and it was basically everything I’ve already researched presented to us by two WLS patients and a surgeon.

I was thoroughly impressed with the surgeon and the center, who are, apparently, highly accredited in the state. They’ve been around a while and specialize in bariatric care. What I especially appreciate is the fact that they have an entire pre- and post-op team there to support you. So instead of having to go to specialist after specialist for tests, you can get everything done at one place. And they seem to work hard with insurances, too.

Something else I found incredibly interesting is that WLS is one of the only surgeries where “they” make sure you’re “healthy” enough to undergo surgery. Like you’ve got to endure all these tests, both physically and mentally before you can even be approved to get the surgery, whereas if I, say, needed a hysterectomy, I would just get one. I’m sure I’m simplifying it more than the reality but in a way, having to jump through all these different hoops just to be considered a candidate for WLS is not necessarily a bad thing. Is it time consuming and nerve-wracking? Well duh. But, at least you get to come out knowing pretty much everything about your health which is priceless if you ask me.

WLS really is such a LONG freaking process so anyone (myself included!!) who thinks WLS it’s the “easy” way out is a fool. Notice I included myself?! Yeah, I never dreamed I’d be in a place even sincerely considering WLS, let alone setting up an appointment to meet with a surgeon! But here I am. Ready. More than ready.

Monday (4 days!!!) I consult with the surgeon one and one.

Early this morning I got notification from my insurance that a Physical History has been obtained (by the medical group the bariatric center is connected with) and paid for.

I have a bunch of paperwork to fill out for Monday’s appointment but I’m feeling crazy positive about this. I know my BMI meets the insurance standards to get WLS. I know WLS isn’t a cure-all to my issues with food, that it’s a tool to help me with my goals of being healthy and strong.

I know I’m ready to be the best me that I can be. More than ready.


One thought on “Seminar Summary

  1. I did the seminar thing as well — and it was really informative! That’s how I made the final decision that this was something I was going to do. Glad you found everything you were looking for… and no worries about the one-on-one consult! That’s just a quick chat with the surgeon to find out your next steps and for them to evaluate you as a candidate. Good luck!


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