dear my

I need to start meditating or something. That, or this damn WLS process is going to give me a freaking heart attack.

And yeah, I know I’m not alone. I know this happens with everyone. It still sucks, though.

You go your whole freaking life being fat and failing at attempting to rid yourself of said fat only to finally give in to doing a major surgery to aide you permanently (hopefully) in getting rid of the obesity… and after tons of research and reading and watching videos and attending seminars and meeting with surgeons, you think, OK this is it, I’m doing it… only you then learn you have to endure test after procedure after appointment…. all without even knowing, for sure, if you’re getting the surgery.

Seriously, what in the ever fuck?!

This is draining.

I cannot believe some people do all of this and end up backing out! I mean, I can believe it because it’s scary – SURGERY – but this whole freaking process is just nuts. I appreciate the fact that “they” are making sure one is truly in need of such a surgery, but … it just seems a bit much.

Monday I had my “consult” with the surgeon and paid $40 to be told to get three tests done (see last post) while waiting for insurance approval. Today I get a call that BEFORE surgeon can send paperwork over to insurance for approval, I need to have a Psych Evaluation and meet a Nutritionist. Fine. Sign me up.

Turns out the next Psych appointment isn’t for two more fucking weeks! Seriously?!


I signed up and asked that they call me if anything opens up sooner as I’m 15 minutes from their office.

I really don’t mind doing all of this once the insurance says OK. But what a waste of time/energy/money/time/time/time if they deny me. FFS.



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