hard to believe

I just confirmed with my insurance company that they do have the predetermination letter from the surgeon’s office. They received it the 11th, Tuesday. The same day I saw and was cleared by the Psych. This surgeon’s office is on TOP of things. I get so many reminders for upcoming appointments (phone calls, messages, email, portal update) and they just really know and do their stuff. It’s pretty impressive but I guess that’s all part of getting paid for them, eh? I mean, why not push for a surgery when you get paid thousands and thousands of dollars for a couple hours worth of time?

I also just confirmed with my insurance that if this surgery gets approved but doesn’t get scheduled till 2017 (it’s mid October already and nothing’s impossible eh), I’m probably shit outta luck and will have to redo the whole freaking process for approval– particularly if my insurance provider changes. Which is always a possibility with my employer. I’m really hoping that we’ll stick it out another year with the same insurance we’ve had for the past four years, but I just won’t know till we get closer to 2017.

With all that said, I’m still having a hard time digesting that this (VSG) WILL happen. And I’m having a hard time believing that if it does happen, that I will be one of the ones, a year from now, who displays incredible before and after pictures. I simply cannot fathom ever being a size of “normal” or “average”.

I’m really hoping my belief will get stronger once I’m approved for the surgery and get a surgery date for THIS year.


Almost forgot some important upcoming dates:

  • 10/25 I have an appointment scheduled for a mandatory Bariatric Nutrition course
  • 10/31 I have an appointment for a stress test, etc, also mandatory, with the Pulmonologist

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