Still not sure if my insurance has approved the surgery so in the meantime I wait. Ever so patiently.

Uh huh, right!

While I wait, I’ve been trying to eat more like I would post-op: more protein, less shit/sugar/carbs. But it hasn’t been working so well.

At first I was telling myself that I was eating all the food because I could… because once I got surgery I couldn’t… because I deserve to. Truth of the matter is that I’ve been horrendously PMSing for weeks. WEEEEEEEKS. And there’s no sign of bleeding, which is a relief for me, in sight. I should’ve started my period the 9th- well over a week ago. Instead, I’ve just been crampy and irritable and uncomfortable and incredibly tired and short-tempered and hungry and feeling like I’m bleeding but not and and and, as a result, turning to food for comfort.

I absolutely eat all the foods when I’m PMSing. I try not to, I really do, but I feel so icky when I’m awake that food seems to be the only thing I can do (inhale it) to prevent me from losing my mind.

So what happens after surgery when PMS surfaces?!? I still have a couple Bariatric NUT classes to attend and a couple more doctor appointments but I’m not sure who to ask about this because PMS is a serious fucking thing to me. The Psych I met told me I should absolutely continue with taking the Prozac I take daily because of the severe PMS (PMDD) so of course I will (I turn very monster-like without it).

But how much longer do I have to endure these horrific weeks of PMS every single month?!



3 thoughts on “WLS vs PMS

  1. I hate that for you. I really never have PMSed. Just wasn’t something I had to deal with. I will say this… if you emotionally eat, you’re going to really need to get a handle on that (counseling or whatever) because it does not cure itself with surgery. It is a true full body, mind, and spirit journey. BIG changes have to happen… or you’ll not be successful long term. I’m not trying to rain on your parade… please don’t think that. I just want you to know lots of us have had to work on more than just weight loss in order to be successful. But it is totally doable…πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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    • You are absolutely right!! I’ve actually changed a lot over the past couple of years regarding emotionally eating. It used to be that I ate for absolutely whatever reason I felt. Now, I can pretty much control that and tend NOT to turn to food… but something about when I’m cramping and my boobs and head are throbbing and my body aches and my mind races … something about this time of month leaves me with so little control. It’s frightening to live through and it DOES concern me if I do get this surgery.

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      • It would be a great topic to discuss with your therapist. Also… consider other things that might help. Yoga is awesome. I really like the way my body feels after a good session. It isn’t easy at first… but such a wonderful experience (if you have the right teacher/class). For me… even when I feel shitty a good workout helps. Then a sit in the sauna, whirlpool, or steam room is awesome as well.
        I know… I sound like a health nut. LOL! WHAT a change, right?!?
        Hope those ideas help a little…

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