so uh, it was only a couple hours after my last post that the coordinator called me to let me know that insurance has approved the surgery.



now what?

well, now i still have several steps to take before getting an actual surgery date from the surgeon. the biggest and most important being a trip to the pulmonologist (PULM), which happens on Halloween of all freaking days. once the PULM clears me, i’m to let the surgeons office know and they will get back with me with a surgery date.


surely this should all (surgery) happen before year’s end, right?

omg i NEED this to happen before the end of the year so that i don’t have to go through all this shit again.


i’m getting excited again and with my PMS/PMDD symptoms leveling out, i’m hoping this gives me the fire to get going on eating more low carb.

the idea of this surgery giving me some permanence (as stated in this amazingly fabulous video regarding VSG) with weight loss is freaking invigorating, that’s for sure.



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