I’m feeling real good lately (as of this past weekend). Still no period since early September and I’m okay with that. But I’m not okay with the hellacious PMS I endured this entire month up till this weekend. Scary shit.


My eating has been so much better since Friday. Not perfect, but so much more cognizant…if that makes sense. I’m just trying super hard to eat protein first and chew chew chew. The chewing 30 times or whatnot isn’t so bad unless I’m starving. Then it’s hard and I definitely haven’t chewed the way I will have to for everything I ate this weekend.

Water is tricky. I’m a big water drinker. I love it and drink it all day long from the moment I wake up till bedtime. As a result I get up to pee a lot during the night. Like three times usually. This sucks but I love my water and I think my skin shows it. Not drinking for 30 minutes after eating is near impossible. I found an app- Baritastic- that has a timer and so many other fun little things to help the bariatric patient. It’s a fantastic (heh) tool from what I can tell. I’m currently waiting 30 minutes to drink something and holy hell on earth it’s all I can think of– drinking glorious water! But I’m trying to train myself now before I’m forced to do it all once surgery is scheduled.


I let my boss and HR know that I’ll probably be needing some time off before the end of the year. I didn’t tell them why- other than I’ll be having surgery. I have to fill out all this paperwork for work, as does a physician. Jesus the paperwork and jump hooping is never-ending, eh?


Tomorrow I have a two hour (or is it three?) bariatric nutritional class that I’m really looking forward to attending. I have so many questions that I’m hoping will be answered… like will I have to chew to smithereens for always and forever or is that just till my new stomach heals? Same thing with the no drinking 30 minutes after eating.  Also, I’m really intrigued by the vitamins thing. I do NOT want to find myself free from an abundance of fat a year from now only to be malnourished or lacking vitamins.



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