I’ve been concentrating on what kinds of foods I’ve been eating lately and trying to ensure I get PROTEIN FIRST as well as limit my carbs- especially sugars. I’ve also been setting a timer not to drink anything after my first bite of food when I do eat.

Honestly, it’s not so bad. The no drinking thing kind of is, but with a timer, it’s doable. I definitely want to drink but I’m practicing not to.

One day at a time.

I’m also trying my best to take small bites and chew chew chew. This is a little more difficult for me than protein first and no drinking for 30 minutes after first bite. I’ve heard and read that baby spoons help. And sitting on your hands after putting foods into your mouth. One lady at a support group I went to Saturday even went so far to suggest setting a timer for a minute or two after you take a bite of food so that you don’t take another bite until that time is up. This is mind boggling to me because OMG when I start eating I want to eat. I don’t want to chew forever and wait to take another bite. Just give me all of the food NOW.

But I know that with a new stomach, I just won’t be able to eat like that, nor should I even with this huge stomach I have now!

So I will continue to practice and be cognizant of what I’m eating and how I’m eating and hopefully with enough practice, it won’t be such a difficult task after surgery when I can eat real foods again.

On a similar note, I was at Marshall’s yesterday while the kiddo was at a birthday party, and I picked up reusable, tiny half cup containers with lids for after surgery. I also bought some tiny cute patterned bowls for after surgery too, as well as a new water bottle that I’m already using. It’s a RAW STEEL 30 ounce container that hold stuff cold for 24 or hot for 12.


I see the Pulmonologist in a couple of hours. After my appointment I’m to call the patient coordinator at the surgery center to let her know how it went and quite possibly may get a surgery date!! I’m so excited to change my life. I’m starting to really believe it’s going to all happen– I’ll be getting a new stomach, I’ll be eating much smaller portions, I’ll be getting more energy, I’ll be living – truly living!!




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