so sleepy, so anxious

Today… I’m beyond tired because I slept like absolute shit last night. And with a stupid monitor attached to me so now I have to worry that I’m going to have to do another sleep study. Dammit. I’ve been sleeping poorly lately and I told the nurse this yesterday when she told me about the test…She suggested I take melatonin or do something that would ensure I get a great nights sleep.

Instead, I went home after yesterday’s Pulm appointment and took an hour nap and then slept like ass at bedtime.

Whatever; it’s done and over with.

Now I just wait to see if they need me to do a more intricate sleep study. I really and truly do not feel like I have sleep apnea; I generally sleep pretty darn well but I’m no expert and that’s the whole point of the test eh. They’re just trying to do everything they can to ensure I don’t die on the operating table I guess.

I was actually told that I was very healthy yesterday… despite being morbidly obese (oh and I freaking gained 4 pounds since last weigh in!!). Go figure. The nurses and the doctor both said I would be great candidate for VSG; I’m “young” (thank you!) and fat, but otherwise healthy and the surgery should go smoothly. So smoothly the nurse said I may be one of the patients who only have to stay overnight one night in the hospital versus the two most VSG patients stay. That was kinda great to hear.

Actually everything I heard at yesterday’s Pulm appointment was great to hear. My lungs are in great shape (especially considering I’m a former smoker); my blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure should all normalize after surgery.

I really believe VSG will enable me to thrive in life, thrive in clean eating and healthy living. Ahh just so anxious to get a surgery date already!


One thought on “so sleepy, so anxious

  1. I was told the same: “you’re so healthy, well except for the fact that you’re morbidly obese and have high blood pressure!” Lol. It’s great, though, for them to see no complications for you nor have any worries about your heart or lungs. Means you’ll be out exercising no problem after surgery! Hope you get ok results from the sleep study and don’t have to repeat it!

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