It’s in the 70s today in Chicago. That’s weird and I don’t like it. Why? Because it makes me sweat too much and I abhor sweating.

I was thinking of this as I trudged my way to the car during my lunch break.

The sweating didn’t really start till I hauled ass in Costco to find a bag of Chia seeds… then I “ran” back out to the car, over to get gas, back to work, then hustled my fat ass back inside the building.

I hate sweating so much but a year from now, should it be 70 degrees out this close to end of the year, I shouldn’t be sweating unless I really exert myself to do so. I should be (could be?) half my body size a year from now and that will greatly reduce my sweat capacity, no?

Goodness, I hope so. 

Outside of feeling more alive and being more active, not sweating so much (until menopause truly hits I suppose) is something I cannot freaking wait to experience.

Being morbidly obese isn’t as easy as it may look eh.

30 more days


8 thoughts on “#sweatingsucks

  1. Newsflash! You won’t sweat. I was telling my cousin the other day that I would sweat in THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! I couldn’t shower in the morning or else it would take FOREVER to get fully dry.

    But now????? Barely sweat. I can carry bags of groceries and climb stairs. I’ve been prepping my house for Christmas all week and aside from feeling a little flushed, there’s no sweat. It’s amazing. I can’t wait to read your progress.

    Have you posted your current weight yet? I didn’t want to post my real weight for a while but now I’m not ashamed to say it: I started at 380 😮 so I know all about morbidly obese.

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  2. Just think though… we could have snow this weekend! (I didn’t realize you were in/around Chicago as well). I get it though, I take multiple showers and have a constant fear that I smell and am extra sweaty and gross.

    It’s why I hate going to Florida so much.

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  3. I’m cold most all the time. Keep a sweater on the back of my office chair and a heater under the desk. I sweat when I workout. That’s it. Sometimes I sweat when the humidity is waaaaay high and I’m mowing the yard. LOL. Yes. I’m serious.
    Used to… I could be in a meat locker and think about a lit match and burst into full sweat mode. For real.

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  4. Yep… I hardly ever sweat any more either. It’s gotta be a tough workout for me to work up a sweat. It’s so strange! I remember, just like you, last spring being so hot all the time and feeling sweaty at the slightest exertion. No longer! You’ll be the same. 🙂

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