24 … days

Something tells me that the next 24 days will fly by and seem more like 24 hours when it’s time to finally get the surgery.

I picked up my new sleeping buddy, the cpap. I’m exhausted after sitting there for an hour and a half listening to how to use it, why to use it, how to clean it, blah blah blah. But I’m also quite excited to use it as I freaking LOVE sleep.

I also picked up two weeks worth of bariatric protein shake powder for the two weeks prior to surgery when all I’m to consume is liquids.

I still have yet to hear back on when I’m to get my final pre-op stuff done.

The dude helping me with the cpap told me I was brave for going through with the weight loss surgery. It’s the second time I’ve heard “brave” in regards to getting the surgery. I’ve never once thought of it that way, but I like it.

Because it kind of is brave of me to do this.

I’m changing my life forever.

And for good.


4 thoughts on “24 … days

    • thanks! i’ve sent away for samples that i’m stockpiling for after… the only thing i’ve paid for is the unjury starter kit thing bc they didn’t have free samples and i really want to have their soup and unflavored protein on hand. the surgeon i’m going thru required the shakes i bought today– just for the 2 weeks pre-surgery.

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      • You’ll be fine before surgery. It’s after that you’ll discover taste changes. I only drank premiere protien shakes after. Everything else was horrid! But for a while everything was awfully sweet. It was crazy. It eventually goes back to normal but it takes a while…


  1. First, you ARE brave!! Definitely. Making this decision to change your life is extremely brave!! 🙂

    Second, DD is right – your tastes will change. I had a bunch of chocolate protein shakes and powders and couldn’t stand the taste of them at all post-op. I can drink them now ok though. So don’t fret, you’ll probably consume them eventually! I stocked up too with a variety of sample packs and flavors. Ordering new protein shake/poweder/bar flavors to try is still one of my favorite things to do.

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