today’s day 4 of a 14 day liquid diet

and i’m still alive.

and my stomach won’t stop rumbling.

and the gas… OH GOD THE GAS.

and the bathroom trips (we’ll leave it at that).

i’m freaking hungry, not gonna lie and pretend like i’m not. i’d like nothing more than to dive into an entire freaking pizza or a greasy cheeseburger with all the fixins and fries. mmm, how i’d love to chomp away on fry after fry.

oh and i got my period just a bit ago so can i tell you that i want all the food even more now? well i do.


i’m still alive.

and in 11 days my life will be forever changing and for that i’m



and all of this liquid stuff will all be worth it.



3 thoughts on “today’s day 4 of a 14 day liquid diet

  1. Yes, it will be worth it. Can I give you some advice? I hear some of the old me in you… so here is what I’ve discovered. In my family, we do food. Food is love. Food is a warm blanket when we are sad. Food is a pom-pom when we need to celebrate. Food is a gun when we need to kill something. We just DO food.
    About 3 months in to my weight loss I looked at my husband and said… I need a new way to celebrate! We can’t go eat my favorite food (note, I didn’t really want it) but I had NO clue how to celebrate without it. So he took me to Florida at the drop of a hat so I could do stand up paddle boarding. I had been wanting to for so long… so we did it to celebrate. Now, we can’t always go to Florida… but even he knew I had to learn to live in a new way. You’re going to have to rewire your brain. This crap is hard!!! Even now… I’m still battling the weight. I always will. The surgery didn’t fix my brain. Just my belly. LOL

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