Wow, I can’t seem to put enough food/liquid in me today. I’m SO hungry. SO hungry. I’ve had two protein shakes so far today. And sooooo much water. And two decaf coffees. I’ll have another shake during my drive home, but man oh man I’m HUNGRY. So I caved and had a can of soup- light, creamy, chicken corn chowder. OMG it was heavenly smelling when I cracked it open. I ate both servings, broth only. And yet here I am still hungry. Like, my stomach is growling in hunger hungry.

But whatever. I’m not starving myself so I’ll just push through. And I’ll push through because I’m worth it. And because I can. And I will oh yes I will.

Doesn’t hurt that I’m officially registered for surgery next Friday, December 16th! 3:30PM!





One thought on “hung.ry.

  1. Four days! You’re doing great. I can’t even imagine (I didn’t have to do a full two weeks — I did 2 DAYS and thought that was tough!). Despite being hungry, I know you know that it’s worth it and the pay off will far exceed the hunger pains right now. Can you do sugar free jello? That was ok in my day liquid diet. It was a texture change, at least!!

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