single digit countdown!

So this liquid diet thing is making it seem like things are moving so slowly but the reality is that I’M HAVING SURGERY NEXT FRIDAY. That’s only 9 days away!

Single digits, yo!

I think this realization of it being literally a matter of days now has kind of put me into a panic mode.

Should I start wrapping my kids holiday and birthday presents now, pre-surgery, or will I have the energy to do so post-op? 

OMG this is the last weekend I can do anything really holiday fun with my girl since next weekend I’ll be in the hospital and the weekend after that is Christmas already!

I’ll be okay on my own at home the week following surgery leading up to Christmas, right? I don’t need my husband to stay home or someone to take care of me, right?!

Will I be okay to drive the week after surgery leading up to Christmas? We have so much going on in other areas in our lives that could really benefit from me being able to drive somewhere that week. Not too far and not to do anything strenuous but, am I crazy to think this will all be possible to do?

9   D A Y S





7 thoughts on “single digit countdown!

  1. Woo hoo! 9 days!! 🙂 My thoughts on your questions:

    – Yes, do as much now as you can like wrapping presents etc. It’ll just be one last thing to worry about!
    – B stayed home with me the day after I I came home from the hospital after surgery and went back to work the following day. I was perfectly fine on my own, I took it easy, walked, napped, and sipped.
    – I drove on day 3 post-op since I was no longer taking pain meds except at night. It was fine! But even simple errands were tiring so keep that in mind as you plan what holiday stuff to attend. It’ll be exhausting!!

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  2. I was fine when I got home. I think I took pain meds the first night because I was being proactive… but didn’t really need it. My husband was home with me the day I came home but went to work the next day. I started walking for 30 minutes a couple times a day the day after I got home. I took one nap a day for about a week and then I was fine without it. It may be different for you… but I was pretty much fine. Just got tuckered out a little the first week.

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  3. Goodluck to you! Exciting times! I’m almost 3 months out & my best advice would be to expect the unexpected & just roll with it! My inner control freak struggled with things not going to plan after surgery but it has all turned out for the best.

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