4 days

four days.

that’s all i have left before my life changes drastically.





okay, okay, i can wait a little. like, it’s flying by. even being on this liquid diet thing. it’s all going soooooooooo fast even though i know i said it was going slowly- the liquid diet.


i met with my surgeon today for the last time before i see him on Friday, the big day. he said all my tests and whatnot look great and that this should be a easy surgery, not lasting more than 40 minutes. he said to expect to be released THE NEXT DAY!

i know i probably shouldn’t be so happy because that means no good drugs if i’m home, but this close to Christmas and on a weekend, i want to be home with my sweet love asap. i don’t want her to worry about me. if she’s anything like me, and she IS mine, she’ll worry so much and i just want to limit that as much as i can. so that’s why i’m excited to hear he thinks i could very well go home the next day.


CONFESSION: yesterday i ate real food. bad food. i had several french fries dipped in cheese. and a couple of nachos. and a couple pieces of oatmeal lace cookies that i made which probably was equivalent to 5 cookies. it’s done and over with and there’s nothing i can do about it now. but i’m putting it here for the future, or in case i can learn from this. i’d been SO good for over a week of liquid dieting. not one morsel of chewing food entered my mouth. i totally followed the diet to a T. then yesterday we went a birthday party for a one year old and there was so much food. so much food. i drank probably six bottles of water to avoid the food but i was fucking hungry and it was just too much temptation. i shouldn’t have gone to the party but i didn’t really have a choice. i look SO forward to going back to the party in a year and only eating some meat and veggies! πŸ™‚

i’m EXCITED for this idea of eating just a little bit and being satisfied with that little bit.



3 thoughts on “4 days

  1. Not long to go now!! πŸ™‚ don’t worry about the slip ups – they happen, even after surgery (just can’t do as much damage lol). I think as long as you can acknowledge them & get right back into healthy habits you will be successful πŸ™‚

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  2. It’s good to be honest with yourself and own up to what happened… but I need to remind you. The surgery does not make you satisfied with food you don’t like. You may be full… but you won’t be satisfied. So I still urge you to do that hard mental work. It’s the key.

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