10 days post-op

I have read numerous complaints from people early post-op regarding their LACK of being able to drink water and fluids. I am not one of those people. I have absolutely no problem getting all my fluids in. None whatsoever. I’m constantly drinking something– either water or a mix of water and apple juice or a protein shake or, if I’m super lucky, some creamed soup with unflavored protein powder. Not necessarily because I’m thirsty or  my mouth is dry; no, I’m constantly drinking because I’m in desperation for actual food.

I. am. hungry.

I. want. to. eat.

I have my followup appointment tomorrow morning with the surgeon and I’m going to BEG that he allow me to move on to the next stage of blended foods. Dear god PLEASE tell me he’ll let me move on before the official two weeks (Friday) is here.

Christmas Eve was especially difficult for me. My dad came over in the afternoon. Then my mom and niece and her family came over in the evening. My husband was cooking all day long and finally when everyone sat down to eat dinner, I went into the bedroom and hid under the covers. I couldn’t even muster the strength to cry, but I wanted to.

I love food. I love food so fucking much and not being able to eat it sucks so much. I don’t even understand how hard it sucks. It’s weird too because I FEEL totally fine!!! I get tired pretty easily but otherwise, I feel completely normal and healthy and like I didn’t just have most of my stomach removed!! My incisions are even looking great.

I haven’t been out of the house much to walk or anything but I’m walking plenty in the house. And I have no issues with bowel movements or anything. The gas and bloating has all subsided–it’s been days!

Seriously, I feel like I didn’t have surgery 10 days ago!

All that whining and complaining aside, I’m down… over 20 pounds since starting the liquid diet on 12/2. So what is that? Over 20 pounds down in 24 days. NUTS. But really, NOT EATING ANY REAL FOOD will do that to anyone I suppose.

Enough of that. I’m ALIVE and well and THAT is what is important. I get a second chance here and I WILL own it.


6 thoughts on “10 days post-op

  1. Hang in there Christina. And keep writing. You will want to look back on this in a few months and this 2 weeks will feel like a blip on the radar. The holidays are a tough time for food to begin with. You’ve totally got this! Keep telling yourself that! ❤❤❤

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  2. Please remember that the nerves in your stomach have been cut. Everyone reacts differently. I didn’t want to eat. It was probably a year before I ever thought… dang, I’m hungry… but DO NOT rush the eating part. You really have no working nerves right now… so you may think you’re OK to eat and drink all this stuff… but you don’t have any nerves to tell you “Shit, that hurts… I should stop.” You still have to heal and give your self some time. If you’re thinking your hungry… go do something and don’t pout about it. That makes it worse. The dwelling on it will make you miserable. Restriction will come. Just a question… are you taking an acid reducer of any kind? Like omeprazole, etc. Over production of stomach acid will also make you think you’re hungry. I have seen a few surgeons who don’t prescribe it… just asking.

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    • yup, I’m on omeprazole for two months.
      you’re absolutely right about dwelling on it. it’s funny cuz once i whined about it on the blog, i was over it. so i need to just do that or something like that to get the hell over it. because really, dwelling never did anybody any good

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      • I’m trying to think of things that would help… you’re taking a ppi… you’re drinking… are you walking? I did that a lot in the beginning. I’ve always been one to wake up and hop on my elliptical before work but u couldn’t after surgery. So walking was good. Time for me.
        Maybe you’re just one of the ones who is hungry after surgery. It will change. I know time is creeping right now… but in a “minute” you’ll look back and be like… damn, remember when…
        Stay true to plan and it will happen. Following the rules (NO MATTER WHAT THE SCALE SAYS) will mean long term success. I promise!😀

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  3. I hear ya…

    First, yay that you’re not experiencing a lot of pain. That’s awesome. I didn’t either and felt really lucky that the gas dissipated quickly and I felt pretty ‘normal’ after a day or two. Like you, I couldn’t believe that I’d had surgery recently since I felt so ok!

    Second, I understand those feelings of being left out and deprived of all the good food that others are enjoying. I’m going to echo DD here and say that you’re going to have to be ok with it… or else this is going to be a really, really long road that you’re going to fight against every step of the way. And you really don’t want to do that! You’re going to have to find a way to sit at the table while others eat and either: A) eat your own food and say to h*ll with it, or B) once you’re able, eat a bite or two of what they’re eating and be ok with that. You can’t hide in every situation… because there’s going to be a lot of situations!! It’s hard, I know. It’s hard to feel left out and feel like you’d be too tempted to even sit there. I get it, I do. But like DD said, focusing on all the things you can’t have is just making it worse. You’re going to have to shift your mindset to consider all the things you’re gaining from this decision and to just let the rest go.

    Lastly, if you’re legit hungry… eat some more! Or drink another shake. It’s not easy because we’ve spent years ignoring our bodies, but your body will actually do a really good job of telling you when you need more food. If you’re hungry, have some more protein or more water. Listen to your body. That’ll help tremendously.

    You’ll get through this! xx

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