13 days post-op

Tomorrow I get to move on to the blended stage, hoorah. The PA at my appointment Tuesday said that I’ll probably be feeling fuller once I start this blended stage or soft foods stage. In the meantime, I’ll just keep on trucking with liquids, eh.

Yesterday the kid and I ran some errands including ordering her birthday (today) party (next weekend) cake from Costco. By the time we go into Costco I was, once again, starving. She wanted pizza, I got a berry smoothie.

Of course I couldn’t drink all of it. I don’t even think I got thru a quarter of it. The girlie helped drink the rest along with her pizza bigger than her head.

Prior to the smoothie, I’d had protein shakes, decaf coffee, soup and water. And I had the runs.

After the smoothie… dear lord the gas pains and runs. I spent a LOT of time in the bathroom once we got home.

So while my mind has been wanting more than what I’ve been having when it comes to this liquid diet, clearly my stomach isn’t ready for it. I’m guessing too much fiber and sugar (even though I know it wasn’t added sugar but rather natural via fruits) in the smoothie.

Today is the girl’s actual birthday and we’ll be out doing fun 7-year-old stuff. I’ll stick to water, juice, soup thank you very much.


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