post op day 21

Three weeks ago I had a good portion of my stomach removed. And, as a result, today I simply cannot eat as much food as I used to, or that I may want to, or that my head may tell me I can. THANK GOD.

I meet with the nutritionist for the first time since before surgery this afternoon. I’m curious to hear what they have to say. The scale hasn’t moved much since moving from a liquid diet to a blended diet. I’m guessing it’s the carbs from my everyday eats of Farina and blended cream of soups that have potatoes and/or rice and/or noodles in them. My program requires two weeks of blended food before moving on to the next stage of soft foods. While this blended stage is going much better than the liquid, I’m very much looking forward to incorporating other foods WITHOUT having to blend them: eggs, tuna, cheeses, etc. I’m hoping to lessen my carb intake at that point.

I wonder if my nutritionist can tell me if I can do yoga yet or if I should ask the surgeon’s office. I didn’t think to ask about it at my first follow-up with the surgeon since I was only 10 days out and wasn’t really feeling the energy to do much of anything. But I’m definitely itching to do something more these days and the sub zero temps has kept me inside. Plus I’m back to working part-time (from home). But I love me some yoga and hope to start doing that again soon.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to a bariatrics support group meeting. It’ll be my third meeting but my first post-op. Yay!


4 thoughts on “post op day 21

  1. My weight loss stalled moving from the liquid phase to the blended foods – I think this is pretty normal. (I absolutely have to stay away from the starchy carbs to keep the scale going in the right direction though). I really leaned on the support groups in the weeks after surgery, it’s great you have access to them! I was really disappointed with certain weightloss surgery forums – the culture of them actually made me really depressed – so it was awesome to be able to get help through the support group at my center. It’s great to see you progressing 🙂


  2. Hope your visit with the nutritionist was helpful and she had some suggestions for you. I’ll echo the above – I STILL keep my carbs low, low, low and have stayed away from all starchy veggies, all grains, and every bit of gluten I can. It’s vital to me, otherwise I become a carb-monster! LOL It might help to cut those some and see if the scale starts moving.

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