32 days post-op

I’ve been eating more soft solids now for several days and, as promised, I’m feeling much more full when eating. I can’t even truly compute this to be honest. Yesterday, for example, we went for arancini (Italian rice balls). In the past I’d have no problem putting away two of these delicious bad boys (it’s a breaded and fried big ball of rice with something in the center– generally meat sauce and peas but my favorite is spinach and ricotta), but yesterday could only eat HALF–of ONE. And I feel like I really pushed it eating half as I was S-T-U-F-F-E-D after.

When I was finished with my half, I looked on at amazement at the other half just sitting there on my plate. My eyes and head wanted to keep eating but there was no way I could. And I can’t even begin to express how INCREDIBLE this is to me.

All of my life I’ve been stuffing food into my pie hole and not really being satisfied no matter what I ate, no matter how much I ate, now matter how often I ate. But now? Now?! Now that I’ve been Sleeved, I finally feel normal. Granted I’m eating WAY less than everyone else around me, including my 7 year old, but the fact that I absolutely have to stop eating makes me feel more normal some how.

Is this just the honeymoon phase of being sleeved? Or is this my new normal?

Hell, is this real life?!?

That all being said, I do start getting hungry just two hours after eating something…even if I stuff myself. I try drinking more water or having a decaf coffee or something, but I usually have to give in and eat. But I’m eating excellent things like cottage cheese with a little fruit, or an egg muffin (egg, cheese, kale, turkey sausage baked in muffin tins) or two for the most part.

Still need to get back into a routine of being more active.


2 thoughts on “32 days post-op

  1. I know it goes against advice, but I have weeks where I have to eat every 2 or 3 hours. The amount we can eat in one sitting is so small, I think that need to eat more regularly isn’t such a bad thing. Having said that, the further out from surgery I’m getting (getting close to 4 months) I’m finding that my desire to eat is less and less! It makes me really start to believe in this whole head hunger thing. You sound like you are doing amazing, love reading your updates!!

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  2. This is where good eating habits are formed. Please use this time to make really good choices. Don’t rely on the restriction alone. As time passes (for me is was past the 14 month mark… but for others it’s different) you will be able to eat more. You will also find that slider foods will leave you quickly and wanting more food later. If you don’t stick to the drink/no drink rules you will get hungry faster too. Protein in first every time! Then other food as it will allow. Don’t eat crap just because you can’t eat much now. That changes. And then you’ll be fat all over again. Maintenance is a constant. Just speaking in love. Cause the struggle will always be there unless you truly change everything.
    That being said… sounds like you’re doing pretty well!!!

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