5 weeks post-op

I love food so much. Even with a much smaller stomach, I still love all foods so freaking much. I’ve slowly introduced so many different foods and with absolutely no problems. None of it causes me any sort of negative issues. I’m not sure if this makes me happy or sad. On one hand, I’m elated because it means I’ll be able to eat anything, but on the other hand, I’m pissed because golly gee surgery truly DIDN’T fix my addiction.

WLS is a tool. You’ll hear this time and time again. It’s how you use that tool that matters most. And I really and truly need to own this. I know this all to be the way it is, yet I find that I’m sneaking in Hershey Kisses or french fries, etc. I won’t beat myself up about this though because I’m not feasting on these things and they’re not daily occurrences. But I do need to own up to it.


The best thing about WLS, for me, is the inability to eat a lot of whatever it is I’m eating… but, sadly, I find that I do get hungry often and I can and I do eat every couple of hours. I try to just drink more water, but unless it’s coffee or something more substantial than water, my stomach seems to be demanding more food and I generally give in and eat something.

This is problematic to me because I don’t feel like I’m utilizing the tool the best I can. ESPECIALLY THIS SOON OUT FROM SURGERY!


Saturday, for example, my sweets and a couple of her friends went ice skating. Then we all went out to eat to a burger and shake joint. Everyone ordered burgers, fries and shakes (my absolute favorite meal of all time!). I ordered a bowl of chili and a kid size shake. I drank maybe half the shake and had three small bites from the chili. I was beyond stuffed. I realize that a milkshake isn’t a good option after WLS, but the fact that I didn’t/couldn’t finish it made me happy as a clam. And the fact that I couldn’t finish the chili and had to take it home did, too… until a couple hours later when I ended up finishing the rest of the chili!

I guess my point to this is that I’m NOT digging the fact that I seem to be eating every couple of hours. I feel like I’m totally failing the gift that I consider WLS to be!


This morning I stopped at the grocery store before coming to work to stock up on foods for when I’m working. I bought cottage cheese and no sugar added fruit cups (breakfast), bananas (that I’ll mash up with some PB2 if I need something sweet), 80 calorie/12g protein yogurt cups (snacks), a ton of soups and tuna packets (lunches).

Wednesday I have my 6 week followup with the surgeon. I will tell him that I feel like I’m constantly eating despite getting full quickly and see what he says.



8 thoughts on “5 weeks post-op

  1. You sound like you are doing just fine! I felt/feel the same as you and it’s still working: the weight is steadily coming off. I’ve completely changed my relationship with food & I have stopped feeling guilty if I have “bad” food – which I try not to do but it’s real life! I’ve noticed that as soon as I start to feel guilty I can’t lose weight…but if I respect myself and just trust the “tool” and forgive myself for not being perfect I keep losing, I guess it’s the mind/body connection? I don’t feel like the VSG has magically cured my appetite and I have to work at staying on track every single day xxx

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  2. Are you getting enough protein? It will keep you fuller, longer. There are a ton of options out there for supplements and thought you may not technically be required to supplement, I really strongly suggest you try it. I know when I get my supplements in I eat waaay less and waaay less often. Give it a go and let me know!


  3. You really need to hammer in some protein. At this point in the game that’s still about all I had room for… but I realize everyone is different.
    I worry a little that you’re already “sneaking” things that you know aren’t good for you. There is going to come a time when you’ll have less restriction. If you don’t check it now… you will struggle horribly later. Try to stay on plan. Good habits are formed now while you have the most restriction. Keep it up!😀

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    • sadly, i have room for everything. i do eat protein first though. and if something that i’m having (sf pudding for example) doesn’t have a lot of protein or any at all, i’ll add unflavored protein powder. i’ve been average about 80g protein every day (yesterday got over 100). but yes, you’re right about forming good habits now.

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      • I know I sound like a fusser… I’m not trying to, I promise. I just know what’s in store for you down the road. I would suggest you limit those slider foods right now. For example… SF pudding (even with protein powder) is going to slip right through your sleeve and do nothing to satisfy you for long. Even if it were more nutritionally dense (say like Greek yogurt) it’s still not as satisfying (meaning make you feel full) for a long time. Yes… You’ll get full quickly but then it leaves quickly too. I don’t know what you’re allowed to eat just yet… but eggs, deli meat rolled up with cheese, tuna/chicken salad, etc will stay with you a little longer. Just a thought.

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      • no, no, i really appreciate any advice!!! i never thought of certain foods as “slider” foods but that does make sense!! and i do find i get fuller for longer when i eat an egg or tuna. i’m not sure i’m allowed deli meat just yet, but i’m trying really hard to eat as much real food as possible bc i can’t stand protein shakes. i’m pretty sure once i can add all veggies and fruit in, i’ll be more full as well. i’m hoping at least. hmm, now you got me really thinking about “slider foods”. makes total sense!! duh!

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      • Google it… Lord help… I learned a crap ton before and after my surgery!
        When you’re able… deli roll ups are my go to for a quickie. I get Boars Head brand meat… a little more expensive but so yummy… and I pick random different cheeses.


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