post op day 52

I’m approaching two months since VSG and I can honestly say that my life is pretty much back to normal as far as recovering from surgery and being used to having a much smaller stomach.

For the most part.

There are still moments when I look at food or think of food and get a bit sad that I can’t eat everything (I want or) I thought I could, but more than not, I’m truly digging eating such small portions. And I’m basically eating whatever, too: I’ve had rice, pasta, salad; I’ve had sweets, salts, sours. I’ve basically had it all and am finding that my pouch is pretty tolerant of everything.

From all that I’ve read, I’m absolutely counting my blessings on this one.

That said, the number on the scale isn’t moving much at all. I’m guessing that is because the scale is a motherfucker. Heh, in all seriousness (it IS a mofo but I digress), I’m guessing it’s because my calorie count is higher than most post-op bariatric patients. Especially this early out… I’m eating 1000 to 1200 calories every day. I just don’t have a problem getting anything in. In fact, there has been a day or two where I’ve approached (if not surpassed!!!) 1500 calories! And while that amount is NOT a lot for a normal adult, it IS a lot for a bariatric patient. At least as far as I can tell from all that I read online.

Here’s the thing about this: I’m totally OK with these numbers- both on the scale and those that I’m digesting.

Am I happy the scale isn’t moving and hasn’t moved in weeks? No. Am I going to harp on this ditty? Fuck no.


I’ll just continue to plan meals and focus on PROTEIN FIRST and trying to get more activity in my day and soon, I’m certain, I’ll be complaining that nothing fits anymore (it’ll all be too big of course).




3 thoughts on “post op day 52

  1. I’m pretty sure that most people could accommodate whatever they want choice wise after surgery… but why would you??? I still don’t eat rice and very little pasta (if ever) and pizazz is rare… I probably didn’t ear 1000 calories for a year after surgery. You’re going to have to buckle down and stick with the plan if you want the surgery to help you. Otherwise, your weight isn’t going good to change. Good luck to you…
    I know it is hard.


    • thanks, DD.
      the reason i said i’ve eaten all those things was not bc i eat them everyday and huge portions, it was to show that even after WLS, you can still eat these things… bc in all my research (and even from the surgeon’s comments), most bariatric patients have certain “issues” with some foods. and that’s just not the case for me. other than getting full fast, i don’t have any issues with any sort of food or getting enough calories in! and it’s kind of scary to me… but it’s also proof, to me, that WLS isn’t a “cure” to obesity and to my issues with food. i will have to work on this (my issues with food) for the rest of my life.

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      • Yes, you will… I guess my point was, why even see if you can eat things you shouldn’t eat? Now you know you can so you can almost count on the fact that you will again. Your mind is going to work you over many, many times on this journey. Instead of seeing what unhealthy stuff you can still do… focus on what healthy things you will do for the rest of your life. Maintenance is way harder than losing. I lost my weight without too much effort. I mean, I ate right and exercised every (EVERY) day. I still have to do those things. Even when I’m tired and want to eat cake. If I don’t… I’ll get fat again. Slowly.
        Just protect yourself now while it’s easy. Learn good habits and solidify them. That’s what will save you later.

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