setting goals

just over three months out from having most of my stomach surgically removed in order to help with weight loss, and i’m stuck. i haven’t lost much weight at all. about 35 pounds in total. that’s certainly better than gaining, which i haven’t done either, but still. 35 pounds in more than three months isn’t that much when you have well over 100 pounds to lose to begin with.

here’s the thing. i can make excuses, and i have and will continue to do so because i’m fucking human. but i haven’t set even ONE goal during this whole process. isn’t that nuts?

the surgeon never asked me how much i wanted to lose, nor did he tell me what i need to get down to. and i’ve never been one big on the whole numbers thing. my main purpose with this WLS was to get healthy, feel healthy, be healthy, act healthy, live healthy.

right now i do feel good, but my BMI is still at 40. that’s NOT healthy.

so i decided to set some specific goals once and for all:

  1. lose at least 20 pounds (reach the coveted ONEderland) by June, the month of my 10th wedding anniversary
  2. reach a BMI of 29.9 (high end of “overweight”) by my 45th birthday in September (that means i need to lose 60 pounds by then!!)
  3. reach a BMI of 24.9 (high end of “normal”) by my one year surgery anniversary, 12/16/17

i have no issues getting the proper nutrition though i don’t get confirmation of that till my followup appointment with the surgeon next week. as far as water and protein though, i’m certain i’m getting it in. and all with natural foods versus protein shakes or bars (thank you sweet jesus).

it’s the activity (lack of) that’s hindering more, bigger results. so with all that said and done, i vow here and now to be more active each and every freaking day. not every day needs to be 45-60 minutes of activity, but at least every other.

i got this… i got me.


2 thoughts on “setting goals

  1. Goals are good… but mostly it’s about being accountable to yourself. I would suggest logging everything you eat in an app (like myfitnesspal) or on paper. Track everything. During the early months after your surgery… you should he losing at a pretty good clip just because of limited caloric intake. That may not be happening here which is why you really have to look at what you’re eating. After the first few weeks you should have started a plan for exercise. Daily. Even if you’re just walking… you’re going to have to move to lose the weight.
    I’m not going to lie… it is going to have to be a permanent lifestyle change or you just removed part of your stomach for no reason. The weight loss either won’t happen or won’t be maintained. This shit is hard… right? Surgery only helps. It won’t do it alone. I’m not trying to fuss at you… just letting you know the truth of the ring he situation.
    My surgeon never set a goal for me. I did that. He is always freaking astounded when I go visit him… but I work my ass off. It’s just who I am now. My health and my kiddos are worth the effort. You have to set your goals and hit them. It is going to take major changes. Everyday.

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  2. Amen to DD’s comment. I believe whole-heartedly that you can’t out-exercise a poor diet but I also fully believe that exercise is essential to weight loss. It sounds like you’ve got the diet part down pat.. now you need the exercise part.

    I think it’ll kick things up a notch for your weight loss and it’ll (maybe?!) give you a energy boost too. I know I feel better when I’ve exercised even when I’m at the lowest of my low moods. Just zoning out on a walk or punching the crap out of a heavy bag or going hard on the treadmill can make me feel the tiniest better (and some days that’s all I dare hope for).

    Find something that you like doing and just do it. Bring the kiddo along if that makes things easier or not if it doesn’t. Look into a gym or just find a park.

    You can do this!

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