Nutritional Evaluation

Met with the Nutritionist (NUT) earlier and had my blood drawn for the three tests they need to do to get me going for WLS. The NUT was pretty impressed with my knowledge of food, nutritional labels, sugar, protein, etc etc. She pretty much reiterated that the VSG will be a great fit for me (and I it) because I know how to eat–and the Sleeve will help with portions. Actually, it will pretty much force me with portion control.

Fuck yes. 

This is so what I need! I truly do know how to eat, what to eat, etc. I truly do. But my stomach seems to be a bottomless pit most days and the Sleeve should help me from feeling this way.

The idea of eating to nourish my body instead of just to stuff as much in as I possibly can… wow. I’m excited. I’m so fucking excited!!

While I wait for the Psych Evaluation (Tuesday), and while I wait for insurance to approve the surgery, I need to start paying close attention to some things to make life after surgery more … adaptable.

  • I need to pay attention to how much protein I take in, and I want to start practicing eating protein first before anything else.
  • I want to start decreasing my caffiene instake.
  • I want to start walking again.
  • I want to avoid sugar more than I have been (sugar and fat [and some citrus] may cause some issues immediately after surgery because of … SURGERY … and the removal of most of my stomach).
  • I want to start paying attention to my liquid intake (I currently drink plenty of water, but will get hard after surgery) and try not to drink after my first bite of food till after 30 minutes done eating.

Basically I need to start living life like I’m healthy and alive and not so freaking fat.



werefore art thou, shit food?

this weekend was pretty bad. i mean, the weekend wasn’t bad but my eating was pretty bad. it started Friday when i met a friend and her kids at a phenomenal deep dish pizza joint. we had pizza. deep dish pizza. with lots of real cheese. IT. WAS. FUCKING. AMAZING. and i have no regrets.

but then she made me take the leftovers home– an entire half of the pizza. so guess what i ate Saturday for lunch? mmm hmm.

again, no regrets but it didn’t end there- oh no it didn’t because Saturday night i met the same friend (sans the kids) for dinner, drinks, and a movie. and i indulged in some rather unhealthy pub food (damn tasty tho) and about, oh, four or so martinis. (i was pretty plastered, ha!)

then, during the movie, i devoured the treats she got us– candy and salt & caramel popcorn (the latter being the best popcorn i’d ever eaten).

yesterday was a wee better and more juicing was done so today i’m right back at it… but i’m yearning for the shit food. can’t lie, won’t lie. pizza, chips, cookies, ice cream- wherefore art thou? it’s not at all helping that my boobs hurt like a bitch and i’m crampy so, therefore, PMS has decided to smack me down again this month.

i’ll push through. i will. i will, I WILL.

oh and still digging the chia seeds- particularly in my morning oats and smoothies. YUM. i also picked up some nutritional yeast in the hopes to move away from real cheese that i love so much. i’m done with cow’s milk, but cheese on pizza? i miss it so so so.

still no coffee. so weird not waking in the mornings on the weekend and not immediately making and drinking coffee.


i’m sipping on coffee right now. my head is THROBBING and there’s no chance it’s PMS as i just finished bleeding yesterday (TMI oops). i’m drinking plenty of water so it’s not that either. and i don’t have any tylenol so coffee it is.

please go away horrible headache. now.

yesterday was spot on with food. completely plant-based!! aside from the old fashioned oats in the morning and the veggie burger (quinoa, black bean, corn) from Trader Joe’s, everything was straight up fruit and veg. dinner was a smoothie. a big ass smoothie.

today is going pretty much exactly the same as yesterday. it’s incredible what owning it – truly owning it- will do to your self esteem, eh? i feel like i can do anything. and i CAN.

i’m strong. i’m in control. complete control. these are all my choices, my decision. i so got this.