this aint no April fools joke: i LIKE chia seeds!

i love how they have a bit of a crunch to them.

i love how they keep me ful way longer. i add some to my morning oats and bam, i’m good for hours and hours!!

i’m coming up to my two month mark doing DDP Yoga (DDPY) and my one month mark of adding juices and smoothies to my diet. the scale is down only a couple fucking pounds. i went a bit nuts on Easter and a couple days since with chocolate. today and the weekend will be on point though. so i’m hoping the scale will be down a bit more by Monday. and so help me god if my measurements aren’t down!!

i was SURE last month that my first month of DDPY was a great one and that while my weight wasn’t down, my measurements would be. WRONG. in fact, some measurements were UP. sure, maybe it was muscle but it’s super fucking frustrating when you’re working your ass off with nothing to show for it. (but then i have to also own up to the fact that during that first month i was eating handful of chocolate chips every night…. so even though i was eating clean all day, every day and working out, i was counteracting it with the chocolate because i was being… stubborn.)

it’s a damn good thing eating clean and being active makes me FEEL good. or for sure i’d have gone back to eating fast food for 2-3 meals a day! but i really don’t think that could ever happen again. i just won’t let it. i choose to be strong. i choose to take control.