Happy New Year!

Post op day 16.

I’m having no troubles adding blended foods into my diet. For dinner yesterday, I made the infamous Ricotta Bake from Eggface. It was FANTASTIC. Wow!! I was really surprised that I enjoyed it so much because I’m generally not a big fan of ricotta- unless it’s stuffed inside a crispy canolli shell. 😀

I’m also enjoying Farina. A lot. I’ve always been a big fan of Farina and oatmeal, so I knew incorporating these back into my diet wouldn’t be a problem.

The only thing is… I get STUFFED after three bites. I guess I really did get sleeved after all eh? Haha I’m sort of kidding. Of course I know I had the surgery but I was sooo hungry during the liquid diet stages, and I’ve been feeling so good, that I was beginning to wonder if the sleeve really happened. And now I know for sure because becoming absolutely stuffed after a couple of spoonfuls of Farina or Ricotta Bake is something that NEVER would’ve been possible prior to this.

That said, I’m finding it difficult to accurately track my nutrients intake. I use and love MyFitnessPal so I’ll put everything in there, but it’s hard to determine how to track three bites of a full serving size. Oh the woes of WLS eh?  What I’ve been doing so far is basically eating what I can and then, when feeling hungry again, continuing on with that same meal until it’s mostly all gone. So my diary looks like I’m having 300 calories in one sitting, but really, that 300 calories is spread in like 5 hours of time.