i’m sipping on coffee right now. my head is THROBBING and there’s no chance it’s PMS as i just finished bleeding yesterday (TMI oops). i’m drinking plenty of water so it’s not that either. and i don’t have any tylenol so coffee it is.

please go away horrible headache. now.

yesterday was spot on with food. completely plant-based!! aside from the old fashioned oats in the morning and the veggie burger (quinoa, black bean, corn) from Trader Joe’s, everything was straight up fruit and veg. dinner was a smoothie. a big ass smoothie.

today is going pretty much exactly the same as yesterday. it’s incredible what owning it – truly owning it- will do to your self esteem, eh? i feel like i can do anything. and i CAN.

i’m strong. i’m in control. complete control. these are all my choices, my decision. i so got this.


my choice

i have another headache today. dammit. i don’t like having headaches. i’m not sure if it’s PMS or that i haven’t had caffeine since last Monday– 10 days! it’s nice not spending those couple of dollars every day. and i’m able to arrive to work in plenty of time without feeling rushed. i miss my coffee, but i really don’t.

last night i blended a beet root juice i made (with cucumber, orange, cilantro, lemon) with a banana and WHOA was it good. and so filling. i may do that again tonight the green juice (kale, carrots, pear, lemon, ginger) i made last night. the texture is just SO delightful. it’s like having a creamy milk shake. and it’s 100% fabulous for me with no added fake anything!

while i don’t really crave certain foods much anymore, the past day ¬†or so i’ve been really thinking a lot about eating something unhealthy. i’m PMSing something fierce and it would be so easy to blame it on that. and my fucking headache too, of course. still, i’m holding out on those thoughts for now and just trying to eat fruits and veg when i feel like i have to eat something. tomorrow night i have dinner plans at a chinese joint so i already know that meal won’t be the best… not gonna go crazy and choose poorly prior to then as well.

when i get home today, i’ll make another kale juice of some sort for tomorrow so i can have a big healthy dose of goodness before going for chinese.

putting it in writing will help make it stick. i choose to be clean and healthy. fuck yeah!