i’m sipping on coffee right now. my head is THROBBING and there’s no chance it’s PMS as i just finished bleeding yesterday (TMI oops). i’m drinking plenty of water so it’s not that either. and i don’t have any tylenol so coffee it is.

please go away horrible headache. now.

yesterday was spot on with food. completely plant-based!! aside from the old fashioned oats in the morning and the veggie burger (quinoa, black bean, corn) from Trader Joe’s, everything was straight up fruit and veg. dinner was a smoothie. a big ass smoothie.

today is going pretty much exactly the same as yesterday. it’s incredible what owning it – truly owning it- will do to your self esteem, eh? i feel like i can do anything. and i CAN.

i’m strong. i’m in control. complete control. these are all my choices, my decision. i so got this.


weekend eats

Friday night we ended up at a pizza place where I indulged in two big pieces of pizza. While I thoroughly enjoyed it and the cheese, I found myself nearly gagging on the sausage. I’m pretty much done with meat I think. Same goes with coffee. I still think about it but that’s about it. I don’t care anymore. I don’t get headaches or anything.

It’s really something how much I’ve changed this month- particularly with the foods I eat.

Saturday I juiced a buttload of grapefruit and oranges for us to enjoy over the weekend. And enjoy we did. It makes me so happy to know that Sabi is getting so many fresh nutrients in her.

In lieu of coffee, I had some grapefruit-orange juice and a bowl of banana and oats for breakfast.

Sabi and I were out the door by 11 to pick up one of her friends for dance class and after their class, I took the girls to lunch. I ate a sausage and pepper hash dish with two over easy eggs and two pieces of wheat toast. I ate it all and it was fucking amazing, I won’t lie. Absolutely delicious. And a big reason why I just can’t give up eating and do a juice-only fast. I just love food too much.

After lunch, the girls played at the park for a couple of hours and, finally, after dropping off the friend, Sabi and I stopped off at an amazing market I discovered. It’s been there forever but for some reason, I finally decided to check it out and man oh man am I glad I did. They had every freaking kind of vegetable and fruit lined up. It was amazing. And what was even more amazing (other than the awesome pricing and cleanliness of everything) was having my girl with me by my side excited and eager to shop for fresh produce. She picked out apples and oranges. She even suggested I get more beets for juicing!

I’m telling you, leading by example is KEY with kids. And I’m so freaking glad to finally be doing just that with my health and fitness. Better late than never and hopefully she’ll be able to continue on a path of clean living.

Saturday night I juiced a purple cabbage, purple kale leaves, a bunch of parsley, a lemon, two apples, and ginger. It wasn’t the best but I wasn’t about to toss it. I froze some of it and blended the rest with a banana and frozen pineapple for dinner. That was tastier. But then yesterday, before we went to the movies, I made another smoothie with more of this cabbage juice and frozen blueberries, frozen pineapple, a couple handfuls of spinach and a banana. Sincerely the BEST smoothie I’ve ever had.

At the movies I did have several handfuls of popcorn, then for dinner I had a bit of chow mein but I felt way too stuffed to eat much. And, frankly, it just wasn’t that tasty. Not like a fresh juice or smoothie.