I started bleeding late Wednesday night so guess what? Just like that I’m feeling so much better. More normal. More in control. Just like that. Like a fucking switch was flipped.

Sometimes I sincerely feel like I’m losing my mind before I get my period. Like, I know my period is coming because of the date on the calendar and because of how shitty I’m feeling (sore boobs, headaches), but the mental madness I feel during this time? It’s dangerous. It’s scary. And it’s real – to me – yet somehow I don’t feel like it should be real. Doesn’t make sense, I know!!

Like I said, I feel like I’m losing my mind at times.

What does this have to do with food and health? Everything. Every fucking thing. No, really. The past two weeks I’ve done my best to eat clean. It’s been a struggle and one that I pretty much failed at, in all honesty… Breakfasts and lunches were pretty good for the most part, but that’s where it ended. I don’t even know how many chips and pieces of pizza I devoured the past couple of weeks. Devoured. And I can’t recall the last time I juiced! 😦

All that said and done, today I feel great again. Really and truly great. I’m eating clean (save for the mini burger last night- and truffle fries) and not even wanting to eat shit food. Instead, I’m absolutely loving the abundance of fresh fruits that are available right now.

I guess summertime is okay for something after all.